Wednesday, November 27, 2013

In-and-Out Burger

In-and-Out burger has an odd way of taking your order.  You say, I want a hamburger.

They say:  With everything?

You:  Yes, with everything.

They:  Would you like onions?

You:  Yes, I said everything.

They:  Everything and onions?

You:  Yes, everything and onions.

They don't take the word "everything" seriously.  Everything includes onions, I would think.  But they always ask about onion after you've told them you want everything.

I imagine because there are enough people who when they say "everything" forget that onions might be involved.

And so you hand them the hamburger with EVERYTHING and they say, "Oh, I didn't want onion."

Too bad, so sad; you ordered onion and now you're going to eat it.  Open your mouth, dufus, or I'll open it for you.  I said OPEN YOUR MOUTH.


  1. Ha!

    I find it extremely annoying when I go to Starbucks and they try to 'up sale'. "A skimmed milk flat white,please."
    "Would you like to try our extra sweet caramel with extra cream frapacoffee."
    "No, I would like the drink I just asked for.."
    "Would you like a croissant to go with that. Or a muffin, shortbread, salad....."

  2. hahahah. that is hilarious.

    also makes me miss in n out. they don't have it in the mid west.

  3. Electric Peels of laughing, hysterical terror happening right about here. (I couldn't decide on the spelling)

  4. I think they're asking because you're supposed to order your burger with *grilled onions.* It's the best. Also, order your fries animal style. You get their fries (which aren't very good) with cheese and grilled onions on top (very, very good). Eat them with a fork.

    And that's everything I know about ordering at In-N-Out.

    Oh! One more thing. If you have a finicky kid, you can order a cheeseburger with no meat=a grilled cheese sandwich. This has saved me more than once because I have an 11 year old who doesn't understand the glory of grilled meat. Or grilled onions.

    I'm so hungry.

  5. What gets me is asking for a hamburger and being asked if I want cheese. Well, no. Had I wanted cheese I would have ordered a cheeseburger. Also, in some places a plain burger comes with ketchup and pickles. I suspect double checking about the onions saves a lot of "redos."

  6. This is so true. I think onions are in their own special category.