Friday, December 13, 2013

Female patterned baldness

This is not me, but I have it: female patterned baldness.  Mine is not this bad at the part, but it is at the top of my head.  I looked online to see what could be done, and of course there was a list of mostly
bullshit.  Pardon my French.

The best solution for minor baldness is to sprinkle this stuff (this is the scientific label)  onto your bald spots--stuff that is the same color as your hair and--voila--the baldness disappears.  I can get me some stuff for $19.99,  and I was about to, but then I remembered cornstarch.

When I was young, I was in a play where I played a very old lady.  To gray my hair, I powdered it with cornstarch.  It worked beautifully.

So why wouldn't cornstarch work for my pink bald spots?  It does!  People, it works!  You can tell I'm excited, because I rarely use exclamation points, and never two in a row.

It works because I have light gray hair.  It mixes well with my hair.  It doesn't fall onto my clothes.
It's a miracle!  (That's a third exclamation point).

I put it on with a make-up brush and comb it in.

If you don't have nearly white hair, you'll have to buy the stuff.  It comes in various colors.  I'm just happy to find my solution in my own pantry.


  1. I'm not sure my hair is white enough for this to work, but it's worth a try!

  2. Kay,your hair is white enough. Just cover the skin parts and the rest will comb into your hair. It's all on top anyway.

  3. I busted up when I saw your post. I was just at the grocery store, and this lady commented on how thin my hair was. I told her I was bad in heaven, so I got straw instead of hair. Then she lifted her hairnet, while in the middle of slicing my deli meat order, and told me we have the same kind of hair. Then she asked if I smoked, and I said, "I wish." :) She told me to crimp my hair, like we did in the 80s, to make it look thicker. I think I'll try the starch first.

  4. I hear ya on the exclamation points. I married an English teacher and we have a joke about three exclamations only being used when it's truly worthy. I see that this is worthy. !!!