Thursday, December 12, 2013

Long hair support group

Louise and Judy before the braid.  We only had to take a gazillion photos before we both approved this one.

At art class tonight, Judy and I realized that we both had the same fantasy: to have long hair--long enough to have a braid down the back.  "I've never had long hair before," she said.

"Neither have I," I said. "Let's do it.  Let's grow our hair long."

"Let's do it!" Judy said.

Kathryn Romney said, "It won't work."  The voice of experience.

There are multiple arguments about whether older women should wear long hair after fifty on the internet, but there's no consensus.  We live in a "do what you want" age.  But there were some tips
for wearing long hair:  use conditioner as well as shampoo.  Have a good cut every few months to keep ends looking healthy.  Most people like the blow dried, natural look with a bit of back-combing at the top of the head.

What I learned from seeing my photo:  don't cut your own bangs!  
I like the long hair on this woman (and the sunglasses(

I don't see much of this look at church.

I like this look.
Well, there's gray hair, but she doesn't look all that old to me.
This is a bit ambitious for me.
It takes two years to grow your hair a foot.  Two long years.

I can do it.  Judy can do it.  We want it.  We want it badly.


  1. For the majority of my 28 years I have had long hair and while it can be a pain you can always just put up and then presto short hair!

  2. As a child I had hair that almost reached my feet. Then in third grade I had it cut into a bob, because I was 8 and that is what one does when they have been dragging their height in hair around with them almost their entire life. In junior high I decided that I would grow my hair out a little for high school. That was almost 25 years ago, and I'm still growing it out. I am 5'10" and my hair is once again well past my knees. Picture the woman in the bottom photo you posted. My children have forbidden me from cutting my hair. My oldest is high-functioning autistic and he has made it clear that he could not survive the turmoil of me cutting my hair. Since he will continue to be so his entire life, and presumably will only grow MORE attached to my hair it is possible I will live the rest of my life being one of THOSE women, with the weird much too long hair. I have begun to plot ways to "lose" at least 4 feet of my hair. I envy your freedom.

  3. You will ROCK long hair just like you ROCK those bangs. I think you should have Tom paint you with long hair and see what you think. He has to post it's only fair.

  4. My granddaughter, Rian, emailed me to say that word on the street is that horse shampoo makes your hair grow faster. Oh, why not?

  5. Viva La Horse Shampoo!

  6. It's a fine line between looking like an old hippie or a cool Santa Fe artist type like the ladies in the pictures. Thin helps, as does jewelry. I'd better put on some jewelry before I go out!

  7. I've just finished year one. I have a bob just under my chin. I can put it in a pitiful looking ponytail. I'm not gray. Here's to year two. One thing about long hair. Toques looks way cooler with those locks hanging below.

  8. haha love this. whenever i want to grow my hair i, i only get my hair trimmed twice a year. any more than that and the hair stylist cuts too much. good luck!!!

  9. Louise it looks like you still have an abundant amount of hair so it will be gorgeous but will you be growing out your bangs as well? I think growing out bangs is actually painful - I've never make it past the end of my nose stage. Good luck and keep us posted.

  10. I'm balding. There's no hope for me.

  11. Castor oil makes your hair grow quickly as well!

  12. Short is easy and long is easy- it's the in-between part you need a support group for :)