Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dates and almonds

I've been walking daily with a neighbor, Paula, who is a nutritionist, so I've become hyperaware of what I put into my body and what I feel like after I've eaten it.

Yesterday, I was in the car with Tom when I had a huge sugar drop.  "I have to eat!  I have to eat right now." I said.  Shrilly.

He kindly offered me a world of fast-food choices.

"No, I can't eat fast food anymore.  I want something healthy.  Dates.  I want dates, and almonds."

Tom, who is into self-hypnosis these days, calmly told me we would stop at Harmons in Salt Lake and buy dates and almonds.

Which we did.

The dates, seedless, were mashed into delicious dateness covered in coconut.  I wolfed them down.  "These are fabulous," I said.  He agreed.

While he was in the pharmacy, I realized that the dates were too delicious to be calorie free.  I looked at the label (after having downed about a half dozen dates).  One and a half dates: 160 calories.  Geez, Louise.

A healthier choice of calories, I know, but I couldn't get the thought out of my head that I could have had a chocolate cake donut from the 7-Eleven on K Street.

And that's how low on the nutrition pole I am:  I'd rather have a donut.


  1. I kinda like chocolate cake donuts at Banberry Cross--are you saying the they are more tempting at 7-Eleven??

  2. You probably won't have any "low-fiber" issues the next few days.

  3. I vote for donuts. A lot more satisfying.

  4. When you said you had "a huge sugar drop", I thought you meant gum drop. I read the next few sentences wrong. I put yogurtland's fan favourite "salted carmel" into my system which confirms your point that what you eat affects how you feel .... and read.