Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunday night snuggle

We have a fireplace in our basement family room, which has become Tom's photo studio: a wall size backdrop, umbrella light etc.  I moved a sofa down there with an ottoman in front of it, about eight feet from the fireplace, and this has become one of our favorite spots in the house.  When it's cold, we sit snuggled together on the sofa, feet up toward the flame, sharing a blanket.

Last night, we watched a few episodes of Lonesome Dove, which we seemed to have missed the first time around.  It has winsome characters in Gus and Woodrow played by Robert Duval (beguiling) and Tommy Lee Jones (ditto).  It has rascals (Robert Urich), and then to keep us on our toes, it has the most sadistic, evil antagonists, who enjoy, not just killing, but torturing their victims.  This makes for a grand piece of entertainment.  Without the wicked stepmother, Cinderella would bore us silly.

The prettiest room in the house is the living room, and we're down in the basement with no decor, under a blanket watching a laptop screen, eating popcorn and ambrosia salad.

So I'm looking forward to tonight, when our day's activities are over, and we can have a Monday snuggle and finish the series.


  1. I love reading your posts so much and make me so excited to grow older with my husband, right now we are in just a one bedroom apartment so the living room is the only room to cuddle comfortably but we often end up talking in the kitchen where there is just one stool!

  2. Thanks for your reminder who stars in Lonesome Dove. I'm bored with Doc Martin.