Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hair dreams

So I have hair dreams in that half conscious state just before waking in the mornings.  I dream it grows down to my waist and and can be twisted into a high knot on my head.  The dream always darkens with the knowledge that while my hair is long, the top of my head is bald.  You see the difficulty in pinning a bun to a bald head?  I try various comb-overs, but comb-overs don't work.  Everyone knows that.  I know it in my dream, and still I keep trying for some style that covers the baldness.

It's because I am growing my hair out that I'm having anxious oxymoronic bald/hair dreams.  My goal is that braid down the back, or that knot on the top.  My goal is classic old lady:  Aunt Bee.

1 comment:

  1. Three things come to mind, all of them at least slightly snarky: First - Princess Leia. Can you imagine Princess Leia with a comb-over? I'm picturing it now. She's standing on the steps of the palace at the end of Star Wars IV, waiting to hand out medals. She nods, regally. She has a comb-over. B - I think a bee might be a nice cross between an ant and a grasshopper. And last - I love that you used the word 'oxymoronic.' It reminds me of Nina's ventriloquist act at the Apollo after the guy, Scott, says he comes from Melbourne.