Saturday, February 15, 2014

The day after Valentine's Day

Between you and me, I think Valentine's Day is a smarmy holiday.  It invites a manipulation between the sexes that is unhealthy.  I especially feel sorry for men.  How can they possibly get it right?

And how grateful do women need to be for a bouquet of overpriced flowers and chocolates?

If I want flowers, I buy them.  The same goes with chocolate.

Sentimentality makes me cross.

What I really want to say is that 50 years ago today, on a Saturday night, Tom and I got engaged, and I've always been grateful that it WASN'T Valentine's Day.  It was the day after.

Tom has been a tad sad that we didn't celebrate properly.  Stuff got in the way.  He is a romantic if  ever there was one.  I think we began our marriage with me as the romantic and he as the--what is the opposite of romantic?  Rational?  Unconscious?  Serious?

I don't know.  Today I needed to fret about my Relief Society lesson, which is tomorrow.  After that, I will make it up to him.  I'll sing to him and nuzzle behind his ear.

That works.


  1. And he's going to hold you to it, I'll bet.

  2. Hahaha! I love this story. Good on holding her to it Tom. Demand a dozen of those flowers (since she likes to buy them) and a box of her favorite chocolates as well.

  3. I love Valentine's Day!
    But not the traditional flowers/chocolate/be-still-my-heart jewels. I'm right there with you on all that.
    I love the PINK! (It sure beats the Judith Karmen PINK! of breast cancer, no?) I love the silly poems. I love the lacy hearts. And the songs. Ah, the songs - Gershwins, Beatles, Cole Porter ...

  4. I tell my husband not to get flowers and chocolates. I just want him to write me a love note. That's all. Instead he always goes for the obligatory flowers and skips the love note. Unconscious is probably a good word because buying flowers on Valentines Day is not rational and is hardly romantic.