Monday, March 31, 2014

House/office plants make you smarter

And who doesn't want to be smarter?  I cut this from today's Apartment Therapy.  I'm a huge indoor plant lover, so of course I'm repeating this for you with great self-aggrandizement.  What's a blog for?
To test their hypothesis that plants in an office setting would lead to benefits, the authors placed some participants in an office with four plants placed around a desk, and others in the same room without plants. ... Results of the experiment showed that the participants working in the room with plants improved their performance from the first to the second Reading Span Task, while those in the room without plants did not.

In addition to the reading retention results, the researchers also found that offices with plants reported a reduction in fatigue during demanding work.I'm pretty sure that dead plants don't produce the same effect.  Don't place plants in rooms you seldom use.  I speak from experience.  Killing a plant doesn't feel good.

Although, I could drown a bag of kittens.  (For you, Sarah).  And my grandfather often did in that canal in back of his house.


  1. Yes, we must mourn extensively the thousands of goldfish and houseplants that depart this life everyday.

  2. Did the experiments try with silk plants? I don't kill those. Except when I dust them.