Friday, April 4, 2014

This and that

My computer has once again failed, and rather than go days without "connection," I bought an IPad. I love America! I'm not all that proficient with it yet, but I'm highly motivated to learn. I have not a clue how to post a photo, but I'm sure Charles can teach me.  The important thing is Netflix and Bookworm.  (I know, my life is pathetic!)

Ann and  I led a writer's workshop today with the most sensational group of women. They wrote about their lives and we laughed and cried and then laughed and cried some more. I'll never tire of hearing other people's stories, each unique in their own way.

While I was gone, Tom ran a stop sign and was side-swiped in the intersection. Neither he nor the other driver was hurt, but the car had considerable body damage. When I met him, he said, "I have a story, and I don't want you to say, Oh Tom!"  So I didn't, but I'm glad he warned me in advance.

My hope is that our seventeen year old car is not worth repairing.


  1. Now we can play Friends with Words.

  2. If you like Bookworm you might also like SpellTower.

  3. Thanks for presenting at the retreat. It was fabulous (ie. YOU were fabulous!)
    Fingers crossed that your car isn't worth repairing.

  4. if you want me to help your car be not worth repairing, say the word ;-)

  5. Thanks for the laughs. And the cries. I love your blog.