Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jesus saves

Last night, I was earnestly working on my Relief Society lesson, copying and pasting from various sources when after two hours, I accidentally erased my word file.  I thought I was closing out multiple websites.   I tried retrieving it.  Tom tried retrieving it.  Then we called Charles, the expert.

What he said:  "If you inadvertently hit 'do not save,' it's gone forever."

"It's my whole Relief Society lesson!" I wailed.

Charles: "Jesus saves, and so should you."


  1. So, did you start from scratch or recover your doc? Your lesson was brilliant, and so is this post.

    1. Katy, I began again. This time I just sat in bed and cut and paste with scissors and a glue stick (much more user friendly). The lesson went just fine. Kisses to you.

  2. Loved Charles response, it still makes me smile. Can I get that in a bumper sticker?