Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday morning delusions

Tom and I rarely live in the present.  This morning we have been on Big Tancook Island, Nova Scotia. We went to see a house there once, and that house has been for sale for three years now.  We take this as a sign that it is OUR house.

Magical thinking.  Don't judge us.  It's also creative thinking.

Big Tancook Island is a six-mile ferry ride from Chester where you can buy groceries.  I point out to Tom that we don't like to buy groceries from the Harmon's three minutes from our house.  So we look  to see what groceries you can buy online in eastern Canada.

People, you never have to leave your house again!  You can buy ice cream online! The magic of modern day living!  It takes my breath away.  Of course, I didn't go to check-out to see what the mailing cost of these foodstuffs would be.

We did, however order a dozen S-pastries from the Jaarsma Bakery (Dutch) in Pella Iowa.  Net cost: $4.00 a piece when you include shipping.  They are to die for.  Lovely almond paste inside a flaky exterior.  This is so much cheaper than actually driving to Pella, which takes 16 hours and 2 minutes  from Salt Lake City.

Chester has a summer theater and all kinds of lovely shops.  I'm thinking of a yarn shop with mullioned windows.  Chester is an upscale mullioned kind of place.

Big Tancook Island's population is 125 year around.  Lobster fishermen.  They have the last one-room school house in Nova Scotia.  When the summer people come, it gains another hundred people.  And of course, lots of daily visitors.  Carolyn's restaurant is open all summer along with her craft shop.

Pics below:

In our dreams, this is our house.


  1. I love the way you and Tom live. It seems mentally healthy to me because no matter what is happening in your present, you have an escape hatch to something better. I would do the same thing, but my present keeps it's claws in me, dragging me back into the moment.

    1. Trust me on this, Heather: everyone's present drags one into the moment. And it's not a Danish bakery. It's a DUTCH bakery. Please, Heather. Dutch, Dutch, Dutch. When you called it Danish, I had an identity crisis.

  2. Oops. I need to work harder on paying attention to purebreds. See? This is what happens when you are a mutt. Rescue pups like myself aren't trained to notice details like Dutch/Danish/Finnish. My apologies. And I won't bore you by telling you my local bakery regularly stocks S pastries from the Pella bakeries. I don't want you to feel bad. My apologies.

  3. I am also trying my darndest to live in the future, mine is a house on a rocky Scottish beach with a huge fireplace and giant squishy chairs for reading.

  4. Should you and Tom ever decide to visit Pella in person, the tulip festival in early May is a treat, I hear.