Monday, March 10, 2014

My sister's living room

I think this is such a charming setting.  Marilyn always puts a room together just right.  All the sisters are enamored with red, checks, cows, Holland, plants, wood floors, vintage lace and black and white photos.  And, happily, with each other.


  1. I just LOVE the way this looks!

  2. Bunte Kuh makes such a statement in that beautiful and cozy room.

  3. It does look so cozy, perfect place for a book and cup of tea!

  4. That cow is divine - a personal favorite by one of my favorite artists.

  5. WHAT!?? A cow AND a quilt?? Now that's just my kind of person! I love cows and am a quilter and have many a quilt with a cow on it. I am currently making a quilt showcasing my cow, flamingo and poodle collection!! So cool.
    I am visiting via Mary Ison's blog as she stated yours was one she reads regularly as well as mine. Connects us sideways. What fun to find your blog.
    LeeAnna Paylor
    my blog is Not Afraid of Color!