Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tom wins Honorable Mention in statewide art competition

Last night we went to the opening of the Bountiful/Davis State Art Competition and listened as they called Tom's name for an Honorable Mention for "Dawn."  Elated and   surprised, we convusled into giggles in the elevator.

Tom met Dawn at an antique store in Las Vegas and had a long conversation with her. She let him take her picture. As unconventional as she looked, Tom's expressionist painting of her shows her exhuberant essence.

Did I just write that?  I sound like an obituary enthusiast.

 We celebrated with ice cream and Midsomer Murders.


  1. That is so, so cool! I love that painting and I am so glad it was recognized, especially in Utah - the Land of One Earring, Please.

  2. Love ice cream, love Midsomer Murders. Great ending to a nice day..