Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thoughts brought on by the Academy Awards

I don't have cable, so I streamed the Academy Awards the day after the fact. I like streaming, except you do miss big events like The Olympics, which I adore.  NBC did a terrible job of streaming anything but tiny clips.  So there's that.

I like that the Academy Awards finally realized they couldn't shorten acceptance speeches by having the orchestra cue the windy award winner. They faced the fact that the program will be LONG no matter what.

I was glad I don't own a cell phone, so that I couldn't tweet about Kim Novak's unfortunate facelift the second I saw her close up.  People were tweeting from the audience!  In fact, I'm grateful to the universe that cell phones weren't invented when I was in high school, so that I could have further humiliated myself with cataclysmic tweets and texting.  There isn't enough therapy in the world for that ugly scene.

At 81, Kim Novak is ten years older than I am.  I first saw her in Picnic with William Holden.  She was so dreamy.  And Vertigo was one of my all time favorite movies; she and Jimmy Stewart were heartbreaking.  She has suffered from bi-polar disorder since she was a child.  She overcame breast cancer, and she's had a stroke.  Tweet that, people.

Ellen D. was charming and looked like perfection in the black tuxedo with the blouse. I especially liked the selfies and the pizza delivery.  I liked the Liza Minnelli joke about being a female impersonator, but read in the paper that Liza didn't like it so much. I thought the good witch costume fell flat.

After Pink belted out "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," I listened to Judy Garland sing it effortlessly on youtube and came to my own decision--making me feel old.

Why does Harrison Ford wear an earring?  Why does it irritate me so much?


  1. It is is because it makes him look like a total twat and should irritate everyone!

  2. That earring has bugged me for at least ten years.
    And I think live tweeting is super tacky and I'm glad I'm mostly grown up and don't have to deal with it hurting my feelings.

  3. I think Harrison Ford looks super dumb with earrings. He is way too old to be trying to pull that junk. Love Vertigo. So terribly eerie and upsetting.