Friday, March 7, 2014

What you can get on the upper east side for under a million

 This grand one bedroom apartment is on E. 84th street just off 5th Avenue and a few steps from the Metropolitan Museum.  It sold for just under one million dollars.  This is important, because over one million and you have to pay a rich tax.

It is tempting to state that if I could live in such an elegant place at an equally elegant address, I would never be unhappy again.  

You and I both know that is just cow pucky speak.  Happy people know that you generate your own happiness.  Externals have nothing to do with it.

But. But. But.

Does it even have a kitchen?  Do I care?  You can get anything you need to eat over on Madison.

Does this qualify for Manhattan, Jacqueline?


  1. Indeed it does. And having lived in that very neighborhood I can testify that you will pretty much always be happy. No one in Manhattan really uses a kitchen. Come back.

  2. This apt. is very Tom and Louise. I saw you in Harlem. I didn't get it.

  3. I love that you do this, Louise!

  4. Windows, French doors, fireplace...and steps to the Museum. Ahhh...

  5. Looks lovely but I need doors on my bedroom that you cannot see through because that is where I throw things when I am being lazy, but perhaps if I lived here I would never be lazy!

  6. You are an evil temptress. Just so you know.