Saturday, May 17, 2014

Art Access

Thursday night, we attended Art Access 300 Plate fundraiser and exhibition.  The plates are art on metal or glass and limited to size:  either 9 x 9 inches or 10 x 11 inches.  Tom had two plates in the show.

It's a mad scramble when they allow small groups into the gallery for three minutes to buy the paintings they want.  Serious buyers have scoped the place out the day before the exhibition, or at least hours before the selling begins.

Tables were set up outside where guests ate Mexican food followed by a choice of extraordinary desserts.   All of this on a warm summery-like evening.  

Almost as good as baseball.

A fashion moment--wish I had a pic of the babe in the black shorts, though.
Steve Sheffield in front of his painting.
Tom looking at area D where his pic is on row two, second from the left.

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