Monday, June 30, 2014

My kind of to do list

One of the reasons I lead such a feckless life is that I don't make to do lists, and I rarely make goals.
To do lists are for people who actually think what they're doing is of importance, which I stopped thinking quite a while back.  Too dark for you?  Make a smiley face.

But hark, today, I did make a goal and it is this:  I am going to spend HOURS each day drawing/and or painting, because I actually want to get better.  I've been attending art class for almost three years and have frittered away at painting in the most lackadaisical way and it's time to get on that color wheel bus.

So I spent four hours today painting on Yupo and having a mighty fine time doing it.  Painting lowers blood pressure.  I get paint on my clothes and my nails and I don't care.

Can't wait for tomorrow.


  1. That is my goal too. Happy to have stumbled across your blog by way of Julia Wright.

  2. I made up a list of things to do in the summer, and have done two so far but I added a caveat that anytime I wanted to just sit with a cup of tea and be then that was the current to do.