Friday, June 27, 2014

I am a volcano

I read in Apartment Therapy that you should take three minutes each day to bring each room in your house to some standard of acceptable neatness.  It said, it only takes three minutes, unless you live with someone whose work habits are like volcanic eruptions.

 Tom and I might both be volcanic.  We try to keep our public areas "acceptably neat," but our work areas are often disasters.  We are overwhelmed with paper, paints, computers, tablets and books.  We are inept filers. In my case, if something is out of sight (as in a file), it is out of mind, and I'll never find it again.

If you are an organizational genius, you have already broken out in hives.

The thing is I don't like working in a messy space.  So yesterday, I cleaned up my study, which as you can see from below is messy even when it's clean.  I have a writing desk, a computer desk and and an art desk (two tables pushed together.  I have boxes and drawers and bags hanging from nails for my "tools."  I have a wall clock, not because I care about time, but because it's red.  The room isn't all that big.

Tom has the basement, because if there's anything I can't stand more than my own mess, it's his mess.  I never go to the basement.  I know he straightens it when he has a model coming.

I think this must be a metaphor for life:  we get on as best as we can. 

Lately, all my photographs are fuzzy.  I hope this is not an indication of my future.

the drawing and paining side of the room

the corner with hanging bags and computer table

the writing side of the room


  1. I hereby attest that Louise Plummer has the cleanest, most artistic study I have ever seen in my entire life.

  2. Haha! My studio looks like my mind... Grasp that. I certainly can't. I like the description... Volcanic eruption. That would be me.

  3. As we have no room to be a study that is often how our coffee table is, covered in all me detritus of the day which will range from embroidery things, books and nail polish with a few tea mugs too!

  4. You're overwhelmed with humility, or underwhelmed by reality—your study is the most immaculate mess I've ever seen. Sean Z.