Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The guys

When you travel, you get used to seeing Mormon missionaries in twos--usually in white shirts, dark pants, and backpacks loaded with scriptures.  You don't usually see them in herds, as we did in Koekenhof in May.  These guys had been to a zone conference and were happy to have their picture taken.  Elder King, (third from the left) directed them on how to sit, where to put their legs and which way to look.  They cracked me up.

They're so young and handsome.  What a gift youth is.


  1. So few of us really understand the gift of youth. I'm trying to rediscover the playfulness of youth. Sometimes it's like crashing into the tree tops because my rational side goes on autopilot.

    Some of those guys have amazing shoes. Those light brown shoes are home runs.

  2. We have some Mormon men cycling around Manhattan residences this summer. I hope they are welcomed with Christian arms.

    Quite a few years ago, in Oklahoma, I had a couple of men knocking at my door. One had the moniker Osmond on his shirt tag, and yes: the smile was all there. I invited them in for water (100+*), but the pair declined and went on their way. I wonder if they regretted the offer of water...