Sunday, June 8, 2014

What I've learned since yesterday

It was Liz who told me that Iggie Azalea is a woman.  That changes everything. (At least for Iggie Azalea).  For a long time, in my younger years, I thought Evelyn Waugh was a woman too.  Dianne H. set me straight on that one.  I'm willing to bet that most people who know Iggie Azalea don't have a clue about Evelyn Waugh, but that may be a narrow view on my part.  Evelyn Waugh didn't sing as far as I know.

Anyway, Iggie Azalea has been dissing Lorde, because she thought it was inappropriate for Lorde to be singing with the honed down Nirvana (Kurt Cobain is dead, in case you haven't heard).  I like the word "dissing."  So close to pissing, but not quite there. Young singers evidently like to diss each other.  TLC dissed Rihanna and she dissed right back.

You go, girl!  All you girls, go!


  1. Yes, to Lorde. And I thought the same thing about Evelyn Waugh for a long time--thought it was only me! But I did know Iggy was a girl, though every time I see her name I can't help seeing Iggy Pop in my head. :)