Sunday, July 13, 2014

Brahms, waffles and astrology

The red note, made to look all close-up and personal, actually says "Louise, do you see what I'm seeing?"

We began our day with Brahm's Requiem played by the Vienna Philharmonic and led by Herbert von Karajan, where we are like grass and then end in bliss.  A perfect beginning for a Sunday morning.  

Tom made waffles, which we ate in bed.  He knocked a full glass of milk off the bedside table, which upset him for 30 seconds, but really what do you expect when you eat in bed?  You should expect  crumbs, spilling, spots on your pajamas, maple syrup on your laptop and bacon between your teeth, that's what.

I decided to feed my skepticism by filling out a form about my time and place of birth, for which I would receive an astrological reading from "Adrian," whose picture showed a gray-haired man.  The resulting reading made me laugh so hard I needed resuscitation.

Surprise, surprise:  I am a Virgo, who is possibly sensitive, organized, a perfectionist, creative.  I may be religious or agnostic (either/or, take my pick).  I may want to submerge myself in serving my mate.  (I read this aloud to Tom, who snorted up his guts).  I may be intellectual or maybe not.  I am adventuresome but cautious.  I have confidence, except when I don't.  Blah blah blah.

It was a long list, written in the most tentative language:  every other word was "perhaps."  It covered traits of everyone I know.  I just have to pick the ones I think are mine.

And guess what?  This was a sample reading.  For $69.00, I could have a complete reading, because as Adrian was quick to tell me, I am on a journey and my life is opening up to new and exciting experiences.

Sure, Adrian.  I feel the love.  I feel it, Buddy.


  1. Well, I do feel the love for this post. And that's the truth.

  2. I love being what I am except for when I am being the opposite!