Monday, July 14, 2014

The Norwegian connection

Saturday, I came home from the Solstice Writing Retreat in Midway, which was more fun than a birthday party where you get everything you want, and collapsed into bed.  I would watch a movie.

I chose a Norwegian/German film called TWO LIVES and there were no subtitles!  Has that ever happened to you on Netflix?

I decided to watch it anyway:  two hours of Norwegian interspersed with German and about three minutes of English, which was really helpful.  When it ended, I went to IMBd to see if I'd understood what had happened, and surprisingly, I had understood most of it.  Not the language--I don't have the gift of tongues--but the body language, the action, and emotion transcended language.

I have had this same experience in foreign countries, smiling and gesturing with people I couldn't understand, and coming away thinking I had had a conversation.

It's an invisible connection we have with other humans.  Like String Theory.  And it's comforting.

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  1. Quantum physics hurts my head but I had a similar experience when I watched the penguins come out of the ocean at Phillip Island, Australia. They were doing what they had done five hundreds years ago and would be doing it five hundred years from now (if the ocean doesn't heat up too much). At that moment, I had that whole circle of life - we are all connected - sensation. Hakuna matata.