Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Having the ROOM and not using it

I have had a study more years than I have not.  I certainly always had a study while I was writing my novels, but guess what?  I could never write in my study.  It was a place to keep my STUFF.  I didn't really want to sit in there.

So when I have an important project, I leave home.  I wrote one novel in little house in Manti, I wrote another in a small apartment in SLC and another in a tiny apartment in Provo.  Twice, I rented an office.  When I haven't had the funds for this extravagance, I go to the library and find a small corner to work.

Yesterday, I sought out the Herriman Library which is ten minutes from my house.  It's brand new and I found a floor to ceiling windowed wall in the back with tables and chairs set up in front of it.  I stayed there for a couple of hours and got my day's work done.

The problem with the Herriman Library is the same as the South Jordan Library or any library that is made up of one floor only.  The toddlers are loud.

Today I drove in the SL Library which has four floors and a children's library in the basement.  I don't know how many people go to libraries to do "quiet work" anymore, but it's getting harder to find a quiet space in the library.

Even in the SL Library, where kiddies are in the basement,  one occasionally is sitting in the same room as some guy with a cell phone conducting all his business from a table near you in a loud voice.

There is no hushing from librarians anymore. If I really wanted quiet I should stay home and work in my own study.

Where do you work?


  1. We just bought a new house, Extra Large with an office for my husband (it was one of his few requests), now that we are here, and he sees how isolated his office is from our after-the-kids-go-to-bed TV area, he now says he doesn't want an office. He'll just bring his desk out to the TV. I want to scream at him. I agree with you, he can work wherever he wants, but he needs a room for all of his "stuff"

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  3. The Marriott Library has quiet floors and rooms, but I like to work in the computer lab. Just enough whispering and quiet giggles to make me feel comfortable. I hate studying somewhere too quiet. It makes me worry about the gurgling sounds in my throat.

  4. When we first came to Sweden I was so appalled at all the talking in the library and my husband was baffled as to why I kept feeling the need to shush everyone. Now in the city we live in the library is made from old building with stone walls at least a foot thick so you can find a quiet spot which makes me so happy.

  5. I do my best work when I stay in an excellent hotel for the weekend. Something about a quiet room, clean linens and a breakfast buffet in the foyer makes me very productive. That and the pressure of knowing I paid money for the room so I better have something to show for it.