Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My sister Janie came to town

Does Janie's head look particularly large here?

I won the Golf game for the second month in a row.

My sister Janie came from Seattle this last weekend (you might have noticed the rise in energy and light in the Salt Lake Valley for those few days).  On Friday night we had dinner outside at Teddy's house to   celebrate our parents' 73rd wedding anniversary, and also the five birthdays in our family beginning with August 29th to September 23rd.

My parents liked having sex in January.

Janie is the woman who takes all the photos in our family.  She makes us line up or stoop over or hold up Golf scores (2nd photo), and then we all say, "Will you send me a copy of that?"  She does.

She emailed me several photos, but I look fat in most of them, and I'm not that much of a masochist.

Besides dinner at Teddy's, the sisters also had a middle of the month card night at Judy's.  Janie is the ultimate competitor when it comes to game playing.  I will never play Monopoly again with her.  There's no point.  She ALWAYS wins.

So it was a surprise when I won the Golf game.  She came in second.  The universe was on my side, as it often is, but not necessarily with Golf.

She and her husband, alphabet letter, do volunteer work with Mormon missionary housing, which means they have to visit the missionaries in their apartments.  She was really excited to tell us that they always bring them a gift of Folex carpet stain remover.  She said the missionaries loved it.   I can imagine Janie being excited about stain remover, but not 20-year olds.  If I were twenty, I'd be wondering why she hadn't brought brownies.

I can imagine Janie's enthusiasm spilling over into young missionary minds, so they actually think that Folex is a great gift.  She's quite sparkling.


  1. Dang, your family has been seriously blessed with the pretty gene. Janie and you are both sparkling.

    I admire that you play cards with your sisters. The only game I remember playing with my siblings was a board game called "Titanic." It was about trying to save your card characters from drowning as the ship sunk. As an adult, I can't figure out for the life of me why anyone thought that was a good basis for a children's board game or why I liked it better than any other game.

    When Rob and I attended BYU, he worked for a dairy farmer who had 10 kids all born in July. I couldn't figure out how/why they did that. I was young and dumb enough to ask about it. With a straight face the farmer told me, "The harvest is done at the first of October." My face turned beet red as everyone else laughed at my sexual ignorance. What can I say? I was a clueless Mormon girl before I got married.

  2. if your parents liked sex in January, we've got it pinpointed to days. Our children are all born between the 23 and 29. Storm's coming in.

  3. I love Jane - and I don't even know her! Okay - I love you too Louise. Wish you were both my sisters - I miss not having a sister. Oh, and congratulations on winning at golf.

  4. Am I the only person on the planet that doesn't know what golf is?