Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's fall and I have plans

Alpine Loop

Judy P. and I drove the Alpine Loop yesterday starting up American Fork Canyon and coming down Provo Canyon.  The maples are burnished now but the aspen is bright.  This is a great weekend to drive this scenic route.  Expect to ooooh and aaaaah.

One of my goals is to be outside more.  Or at least to look outside.  My real goal is to visit all Utah lakes and ponds.  I googled them, and the internet thinks I want to fish.  No, I don't care if there are fish are not.  Anyway, I came up with this map, which is a beginning:

The red markers are lakes and reservoirs and the gold ones are community ponds.  I am less interested in rivers and streams (blue).  

I have 777 miles on my new car.

Tom asked me if I would please wash out the tuna cans before throwing them in the garbage.  I said I never would. 


  1. Why would you clean the garbage?

  2. Tuna cans stink up the garbage fast! I'm with Thomas on this.

    I must make a Fall drive happen this weekend. I want to see those aspen trees.

  3. If one recycles, it's good to rinse the recyclables. It cuts down on odor, and crawly things written about by Franz Kafka.

  4. Did you take that photo? It's lovely.