Thursday, October 30, 2014

Old crows

This is a collage painting I did of old women, since I'm into old women in a highly personal way.  I experience aging with serenity one day and rage the next.  I can't stand most articles written in the newspaper about aging, most recently the one in the NY Times: "What if Age is Nothing but a Mindset?" by Bruce Grierson (age 57).

Delusion is also a mindset.

It is the night before Halloween and I'm eating miniature Almond Joys.  I bought one small bag, because Tom and I will be at the movies tomorrow night.  We live in one of those neighborhoods where outsiders bring their children because 1) the most fantastically decorated house in the city is on our block, and 2) it's safe and looks like Disneyland.  The only nod I give Halloween now is a skeleton on the door.  Last year, I had a half dozen pumpkins, but I didn't get around to those this year.  I do have a couple of pots of dead plants out in front, but I think that may be more neglect than holiday spirit.



  1. We have not done "H'ween" for a number of years. But we now have a fun family just down the road who has Trick-or-Treaters, and so I will grab something in the morning for the new kids on the block/640 acres.

  2. Where are the wrinkles and brown spots on the "old" woman's hands? Obviously I was not the model !

  3. Louise
    There's a great movie coming out with Christopher Plummer and Shirley McLaine. It looks fabulous. Hollywood seems to have come to terms with aging - at least there have been more positive films about again women. I like this collage and especially the egg cup that looks like a little penis. Was that intentional?