Saturday, November 1, 2014

Overheard conversation after BIRDMAN

After watching Birdman, which is weirdly disorienting and redemptive, I heard this conversation between two old men outside the Broadway theater:

#1  I'm always cold.  I bought this electrical wrap for my middle that keeps me really warm, but my nipples still get cold.

#2  You need nipple warmers.  Maybe made of felt.

#1  I don't know, but it's really annoying.

#2  I used to get rock tit when I was young.

#1 I have cold nipples now.  I have to go home.


  1. I am mildly curious about what "rock tit" is, but I don't dare do an internet search.

  2. Almost as good as the movie. I wish you had taken a picture of the men to accompany this post.

  3. I finally got up the, um... fortitude to watch this movie from beginning to end. Back in November when you posted this, my feeling was the most disorienting part would be the state of my own mind at the time. I just finished watching it today. Incidentally, when you posted this I had just two days before flown back to Salt Lake from Normandie Ave in LA where B and I walked together and talked about bird watching. Among other things, I'd said I should take up birding so that when I finally do lose my site, I can find the birds by their call. I could also see an inordinate number of crows flying around from the roof of my building. This movie friggin ROCKED.