Tuesday, November 4, 2014

We invite you to join us in preparing our 11th Lucy tree. When friends and family of Lucy come together, great things happen!

Support the Lucy Tree 

Eleven years ago, at our first ultrasound with our first baby, we found out things were not developing properly. Our baby girl was diagnosed with a rare birth defect (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia) that required regular follow-up doctor visits and monitoring at the hospital. After a full-term pregnancy, Sarah gave birth to our beautiful Lucy.
Our girl was semi-stabilized on a ventilator and taken to the Newborn ICU at Primary Children's hospital. There she was placed on a heart and lung bypass machine (ECMO), and had surgery two weeks later. The following weeks and months were made of miracles and tears, medications, hugs, and books at her bedside. We celebrated simple milestones (IV placement! Full diapers!), and she fought hard for us to see her smile.

Despite the fierce, pure qualities we could see, her physical health took a serious downturn. She could not breathe on her own, and her heart and brain were not in good shape. In August of 2004, the last act of service we could provide for Lucy was to snuggle her close until her last breath.

The care and support we received from medical staff, along with our desire to keep her memory close by, has fueled our continued participation in the Festival of Trees. All of the money raised here will be used to create Lucy's tree, which will be sold by auction.All of the money raised from auction will go to help children and families at Primary Children's Hospital.

Over the years we have decorated 10 trees for the festival, and have raised over $18,000. Our previous sponsor is not able to support the decoration of the tree this year, but we have high hopes to continue with this wonderful cause. With your help, this tree will not only be beautiful, but it will provide an outlet for our grief, and will support families who need our help. Thank you.

Support the Lucy Tree 

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