Monday, November 24, 2014

We're in Pittsburgh

We are at Ed and Dede's house up in Rian's old room. I love this room. It has two large windows, one looking out on a gigantic pine (It's like we live in the tree itself).  The other window looks out at this marvelous old colonial home with a flag flying above the entryway.  I took photos with my iPad but don't know how to transfer it.

Yesterday morning, I went for a walk around the neighborhood feeling right at home in this eastern landscape of hundred year old trees and stone walls .  Someone was playing the pipe organ at the Anglican Church so I stopped in, sat on the back row and listened. A couple of women scuttled about cleaning up the church which had just finished its service. When the organist finished, the two women stopped and clapped.  I smiled and slipped out.

Last night we played a form of charades with the eye phone.  One player puts the phone against his forehead and the word comes up.  His team members give him clues and he is supposed to guess the word on his forehead. The best part is that the phone videos the team players while they are giving clues, so we now have a video of Tom waving his arms erratically and saying wah wah wah--his imitation of a Japanese accent.  All of Japan should be offended.

Tom and I are so clueless about popular culture, we were of little help to our teams.  And even when we knew everything about Tommy Lee Jones or Drew Barrymore, we couldn't come up with the names.  And the category video games was a total mystery to us.  Donkey Kong is so yesterday.
WE are so yesterday.


  1. What really matters is if you know the answers for the NYTimes crossword.

  2. I never thought you were clueless when discussing pop culture. Dad supports Justin Bieber, you use popular terms like "word" when in agreement, and you play fun games on the EYEPad and EYEPhone

  3. Replies
    1. Pretty sure it was the Jonas Brothers, Sam.. but grandpa should know that they are so yesterday.