Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Day 2014

Ed and Dede cooked our Thanksgiving dinner.  Dede worked in the kitchen and Ed was out in the drive-way, deep frying the turkey while snow fell--Dede saved him by putting up a tent around him. That's what I call a devoted wife.

I made a pumpkin chiffon pie last night and set the table. 

Dede's yam casserole was the best. I always made yams with apples, which no one ever ate, so why did I continue making it?

THE NEW YORK TIMES listed the most recipes searched on the internet for each state.  Number 1 in Utah was funeral potatoes.  No surprise there.  Lots of Midwestern states liked their Snicker salads.  Is that really a salad? Isn't it simply the first dessert?  If a salad can be made with Snickers bars than we ought to classify pumpkin pie as a serving of fruit. That brings up the question of whether a yam is a vegetable if it is covered with melted marshmallows?

The truth is I love all that sugar.  

Pics below are of Ed, Dede, Samantha, Hank and Tom. (Ed spent a good part of the day on the phone, working, so I guess it's really true that corporations are people too).

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