Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Let's hear it for Mucinex

I don't have a television, so I don't know anything about ads anymore, but I just want to sell Mucinex for a few seconds.  Do they sell that on TV?

This means I have to mention mucus or snot.  I got a terrible cold in Pittsburgh and it followed me home.  Nasty, hacking cough and snot everywhere.  Take a Mucinex and it all disappears for a few hours.  It's like a miracle drug.

Sometimes, instead of calling it Mucinex, I call it Metamucil. I'll be telling people about this amazing cold medicine called Metamucil and then they look at me funny.  My enthusiam keeps them speechless for minutes, until they say in stunned voices, "Metamucil works for colds?"

Then I say, "Ha ha ha, I mean Mucinex! Ha ha ha."

Why is m-u-c in both of those product names?  Metamucil has nothing to do with snot.  I think mucil is some bad spelling of muscle.  Meta in this case means denoting something of a higher kind.  So it means a higher kind of muscle movement.  Pretty lyrical.  Gotta love those mad men.

Anyway, got snot?  Go for Mucinex!


  1. Well done, Louise. I laughed hard at your snot story.

  2. Oh, sheesh. When I read your title, I indeed thought you were going to be writing about fiber needs. Apparently the pro-fiber and anti-snot people need to have a pow wow about phonemes and such.

  3. Oh, wow. Do they ever have ads. Ads that anthropomorphize mucus. Ads that must be seen to be believed. Get thee to youtube.