Monday, January 19, 2015

Holy Cow, it's 2015!

I know it is, because the Academy Award nominees have been announced.  I was hoping to have a new face for this blog in the new year, but if I wait for that to be finished, there won't be a blog at all.

I had a couple of goals:  one was to take up yoga using Rodney Yee's video, YOGA FOR BEGINNERS.  Ed and Dede put me onto Rodney Yee when they were here at Christmas.  "You'll like him," Dede said, "He doesn't have an annoying voice."  How well she knows me.

And here's where "You're as old as you feel," really breaks down.  The thing is, I had way too much confidence for this undertaking.  I can still touch the floor with legs straight, and I can certainly do the down dog position even with an ankle replacement.
 I went twenty of the thirty minutes on day one.

On day two,  I couldn't stand up straight.  Get out the ICY HOT PADS and the EXCEDRIN.

See, I forget that being a yoga beginner at say, age 45, is really different from being a yoga beginner at age 72.  Rodney Yee needs a five minute video called BEGINNING YOGA FOR THE AGED.

Anyway, I'm still all for Yoga, but I've had to adapt my work out.  My favorite position is hands to heart.

The second goal was to go without ice cream for a year.  I've got this one.

And Ann and I will complete our book this year.  So it's all looking good.

How's it looking for you?


  1. Know who doesn't have an annoying voice? Louise Plummer.

  2. My 2015 goal is "Order". In my home, in my life. I have never been an orderly person. It's time I give it a try.

    I do love me some yoga. I gave my Mom Rodney Yee a few years ago - I do enjoy him. I like Namaste DVDs as well. But I would love to recommend: (Yoga for Beginners)

    We Armstrongs like Adriene Mishler. So much so, that two generations of us are enjoying her January 2015 "30 Days of Yoga".

    Additionally, I highly recommend this.

    OK. That is all. Happy you are back to writing. I have missed you during your ~40+days of vacay.

  3. I also thought I would do some working out again, I did it and was pleased and then the next day it took me five minutes to stand up from the couch!