Friday, February 6, 2015

Furniture lust

I have been aware of this Moroccan chest for years.  I make some kind of animal sound from my throat when I see it.  A yearning sound.  I want this chest.  To place it on the blog is a little like owning it.

Which reminds me of old people who say they don't need things anymore; they're through with lusting after the material.  I may have said it myself with a high tone.  Then I think, well, that's easy to say, because you've already collected all your material goods.  What if you were living in an empty house with a rubber mattress, an army blanket and a subscription to Home and Garden?

What piece of furniture do you lust after?


  1. I want an overstuffed massage recliner with a heat option button. I've seen them online for $5000. I am convinced if I had a massage recliner, I would sleep every night and it would reverse the aging process. My husband feels exactly the same about a fishing boat he wants. Neither of us are anywhere close to our ambitions. We are going to die right on schedule.

  2. I want an extra long peacock blue velvet sofa.

  3. Fancy patio furniture and a leather couch that repels cheeto hands and bodily fluids.

  4. A black Steinway grand piano.

  5. That is a beautiful chest. I want floor-to-ceiling bookshelves built in, made out of real wood.

  6. I want rolling shelves like businesses use for their files. Maybe when they all go paperless I can get them for a great price!

  7. I found myself in this exact situation when last year we moved from Colorado to Singapore and I had a small apartment with a rubber mattress, a blanket and Facebook. I am quickly filling this empty space up with Buddha statues, a large gong, lots of Chinese and Tibetan antiques. and Batik! Never liked that look before but something about living in SE Asia is making me turn my home in to Chinatown.

    Not sure how I am going to make it all work when we move back to the states!

    1. Oh Robin, you lucky duck! You lucky lucky lucky ducky.

  8. Let me just say: I love The Chattering Crow even more now that it's monetized and you publish more often!!! I have all sorts of furniture lust, but this is currently my dreamiest dream:
    Your Moroccan chest is lovely. xox