Monday, February 9, 2015

This old woman buys a phone

This is why I bought a phone:  I was supposed to meet Judy P. at the Cinema 16 in Sandy at 12:45.  She sent me the address, and I, like a freshman composition student, read only part of her email.  The part that said 90th south and 13th east, not bothering to continue onto the precise address, which was not on 90th south but on 72nd south.  Actually, It had a Union address.  Everything in Sandy revolves around Fort Union or some other Union.  If you don't live there, you might as well be in Omaha.

I drove in circles feeling irresponsible and desperate.  I stopped at Walgreens at 12:45 and bought a prepaid phone, thinking I could use it immediately.  Ha!  Foolish foolish foolish.

I came home and, of course, Judy had called, and Tom thought I was dead on the highway--(a catastrophe way of thinking he inherited from his mother).

I called Judy, who had already begun watching WILD without me, thank heaven.

Then Tom and I sat down to activate the phone, which only requires 1) a sim card number, 2) a serial number and 3) an airtime pin--all of them a thousand digits long.  Oh yes, and 4) a security pin, and 5) a password. 

This is as difficult for a person like me as writing an Italian sonnet would be for you techies.

Hey, Bejeweled is on my phone!  Cool.


  1. I am actually in Omaha. Well, Lincoln, but that's pretty close. Also, I don't have a smart phone. But I do have a phone, and I am a smart-ass, so it is close.

  2. Ah, the love-hate of technology. I just heard an NPR piece (or was it BBC?) about automobile technology and how it is possible for the car security to be compromised. Or at least collected and saved for unsavory purposes. But I drive a 10-year old Volvo Station wagon and carry a flip-phone. I still memorize people's phone numbers.

  3. I chuckled. Because you decided that a Walgreen's prepaid phone was the solution to getting a hold of Judy.

    Also, I'm glad to know that Tom is also an awfulizer like me. What good company I'm in then!