Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weekend project

Over the weekend I fattened up my guest room, which has been mainly empty except for the bed. This room is becoming the room where I sleep. Both Tom and I sleep better apart these days.  He likes the room hot. I like it cold.  He likes it quiet.  I need a little noise to stop the buzz in my head.

 I used only what I had on hand, except I did buy that hat rack at IKEA, so I could hang up clothes I plan to wear in the morning, instead of laying them on the floor, which has been my life-long sloppy habit. (The orange hat I bought in the Netherlands and wore on the King's birthday last year--it makes me happy to see it there).

Oh, I also bought those plants at IKEA.  Just a thought:  when you buy plants from IKEA, you are saving their lives.  No one ever waters those plants.  They are dry as sandstone.

I used two IKEA chairs for end tables.  I have more of them out in the garage for extra seating.

I prefer this bedroom for visual reasons as well.  The windows open to a view of pleasant houses and the mountains behind them.  They face west, and I love sunlight streaming in when I need it:  mornings.

The master bedroom has a view of gray rooftops that make you feel like you're being held prisoner in a dark tower.

I have to say that the photos are disappointing.  The room makes me happy but it looks empty and bare in the photos. For one thing, the walls need to be painted a deeper color.  This is not as obvious to me when I am actually in the room.

But I do love looking at Tom's painting.


  1. Oh, how fun! That's a fun weekend project. What's the wall color now? White? Your paintings are all so colorful. Maybe you just need a few more. I like the plant.

  2. I love looking at Tom's painting, too. I can't wait to get my horse out of storage in NY and put it back up on a wall where I can see it. I love the orange hat hanging on the rack; and the hand-bag of many colors hanging below it.

  3. Louise is that your colourful painting above the bed?

  4. I love leaving clothes on the floor much to my husband's chagrin.