Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Vintage Louise: Your future

Notice how the gypsy is a crone and the woman who wants her fortune told is young.  Gahan Wilson, the cartoonist, turns 80 on February 18th.

He knows.

He knows that it takes decades of living to see that cycle of repeated action that is yourself, longing to be the queen of the world, or just Miss Idaho or Ms. Senior Utah (there actually is such a contest); longing to run your own design business, be the perfect mother, teacher, the perfect daughter of God, the perfect hostess, wife, poet, supreme court judge.  The perfect size, whatever that is.

I will tell you your future.  Don’t touch the glass ball; it’s mine.  Don’t look so eager.

You will have a fulfilling life surrounded by people who love you, although there will be days when it seems the only friend you have is the dog.  And you don’t like the dog.

Your friends will love you and break your heart.

Your children will love you and break your heart.

You will develop your talents to your own satisfaction.  And when you do, it won’t be quite what you thought.

Your glass is half full and half empty.  You are the one with the attitude.

Your husband will be a good man and he’ll be even better when you actually tell him what you want.

Sometimes you will be completely alone.  Accept it as a gift.

You will get a standing ovation.

You will have pain.

You will get old.  You’ll still want something you can’t define.

You will hope for a miracle.

There’s a good chance, there’s a miracle out there.


  1. Vintage Louise is lovely. Favorite line: "You will get old. You will still want something you can't define."

  2. This is lovely. I hope I grow up to be this wise.