Wednesday, February 4, 2015

When was your last period?

In a few weeks, I have my annual physical check-up preceded with a two page questionnaire.  One of the questions invariably is, when was your last period.

I'm 72.  Is there any reason I would know this?  Are there women who write this down and file it away for future reference? 

It didn't end during the Reagan administration.  I was still young and vibrant during the Reagan administration.  The period had ended by the Clinton administration, though.  So that's what I write on the medical form:  "My last period was sometime during the George H.W. Bush administration." That limits it to four years.  Pretty good if you ask me.

I do know the date I began my period: July 3, 1956.  I know this, because our family was going to be at Bear Lake on July 4, and in 1956 girls didn't swim during their periods.  I sat on the beach and gazed longingly at the water

No one ever asks about that date.

My first date with Tom was July 19, 1963, a Friday night. Then he didn't ask me to a Pioneer Day (July 24) party, which came on Thursday, because he thought it might be too soon.  Instead we dated again the following Saturday and Sunday night.  We dated every week after that until we married in June, 1964.

What has this to do with my period.?

A lot, actually.


  1. I had an x-ray yesterday and the technician asked me if I thought I might be pregnant. I wanted to tell him "My fallopian tubes haven't had anything swimming down them for years."

  2. I will always remember when I started my period too as it was on my 10th birthday, I did not tell anyone though as I thought they might cancel my birthday party so I waited all day and then when everyone had gone home I told my mom. As far as birthday presents go it was a pretty crappy one.

  3. I was 14. I can't remember the exact date, just that I went in the bathroom, realized what was happening, came out and said, "Well, guess what I got?"

    To that, my mom responded, "Well, your period. It's not like you went shopping at Dillard's while you were in there."

    Two weeks later, my 11 year old sister got her period. At the time, I thought it was so unfair. Now I look forward to when I don't have to worry about pregnancy anymore.

  4. Mine started the day of my first 10k race. Boo.