Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy Birthday to a whole slew of Plummers and their relations

The beginning of the year is filled with birthdays in our family: Erica, Julie, Anne, Maxwell(yesterday).  Next week, is Spencer and then Rian.
Anne (22) with Maxwell (15) on his birthday.
Charles put together a slide show for each of their birthdays this year with funky unidentifiable music (at least, for me). It's a stab in the heart to see how whimsical time is.  Grandchildren are growing up and I am hurtling toward death.  This doesn't stop me from eating lots of cake--mostly the frosting--why waste calories on cake?

 Four people played this new game above, and some worked on a 1000-piece puzzle.  Rian's man, Tate, finished the frame.  Next week, we'll continue with the middle. 

I moved between the two rooms depending on how anxious the conversations made me.  Tom fell asleep on the sofa.  The grandchildren have scary plans for their futures like two years of Teach for America (pass the oxygen), so noble and unbelievably difficult.  This is probably why the very young do this optimistic work, while I hyperventilate.

It's raining today.  That's good!  Rain is good.

Erica, with baby Max


  1. "...hurtling toward death..."

    I do love this. Yes, I do...

    1. i was going to write the same thing. love this.