Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Monday everyone!

Trish Armstrong sent me her happy space over the weekend.  The cello and the  piano are good enough for me.  But I love that large bouquet in the window and the cat on the carpet.  I know Trish only from her blog   She is optimistic and living a life of full activity.  She cooks, she rides her bike, she gardens, she writes haikus and keeps track of the ducks on her property.  She is the one who taught me that the twelve days of Christmas begin on Christmas Day, not the twelve days before Christmas.  She calls her other half "that spouse o' mine."  And she lives in Kansas.  Isn't the internet wonderful?

Yesterday we went to hear Sarah, who spoke in church; she is an eloquent story teller, and talks poignantly of her belief.  When she finished, the soon to be 3-year old Sally, piped up from the congregation, "Good job, Mom!"

I found I could watch To the Manor Born in full episodes on YouTube late last night.  Penelope Keith
as the snobbish Audrey Forbes-Hamilton makes me laugh out loud.  I highly recommend it.

It's eleven in the morning and already a good week.


  1. I like peeking into people's homes and seeing their happy places. Also, S. Plumm is one of my heroes.

  2. I'm so glad you reminded me of "To the Manor Born." I used to enjoy it and now will again!