Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It's Writing Retreat Time

Okay, it's that time of year again: the Solstice Writing Retreat.  Ann Cannon and I will be teaching together about personal writing.

Who should come?  YOU should.  All my sisters should come. Kathy Woolley should come.  Trish  should come from Kansas.  Anne Beach should come. Peggy should come. Marva! The Calgary women should come.  The Iowa women, the NYC women, the Provo women, my nieces, Donna from Holland.  Syl Carson should come and read my chart.  Evelyn should come.  She needs a good laugh.  Samara should drive up from Texas.  Marie should come. And so should Marci Stringham.

Men can come too, but so far we haven't had any.  All that estrogen loose in one room might be frightening.

We will write about ourselves.  Who doesn't know that subject?  And we will write fast.  Who can write well when they're writing fast?  No one.  We will write imperfectly and read to each other.

We write, we read, we laugh and cry.  It's a party.  Sign up today!


  1. It's definitely my favorite thing to do, just for myself. Can't wait to laugh with you (and possibly AT you).

  2. Oh, I am so tempted! I just may do it. Next year if not this one.

  3. I should make a paper chain to countdown the days.

  4. Oh, some day! Next time come to Holland! I'll host. :) And why is it always women? I've been to 4 writing workshops here, and there's been a total of 4 men in all combined. 1 per workshop. Why is that?

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  6. My mother-in-law took a class at a community college near her Sedona house before undertaking to write her memoirs. She told my then 14 year old daughter, "I'm disappointed that my memoirs won't be very interesting because I've never been raped or even molested and everybody else has.". My daughter is now almost 18 and many volumes later my mother-in-law is still writing. Oy vey.