Monday, March 9, 2015

I have all the symptoms of the common cold, except one

Last week, I had my yearly physical exam and my doctor said I needed the latest pneumonia shot, which I had in the arm.  It blew up to a baseball size hard lump and hurt like a big, red, hard lump.
I got a headache.  Whine, whine.  It was an icky shot.  Really icky.  Yesterday, I was sideswiped with the common cold.  It is not my turn.  I had a cold/flu thing in December. I tie this cold directly to the icky shot. 

No one promised that vaccinations made you rational.

I looked up ways to battle the common cold.  There was one ad, "Fun ways to fight a cold."  FUN WAYS?  It was a Clorox ad.  All cold advice is brought to you by your friendly first-world marketeers: Vicks, Clorox wipes, Nyquil, Claritin-D and so on.  Zinc is good.  Vitamin C. Water.

See the symptoms of a cold in the red box above.  Third one down is anorexia.  Really?  A cold causes anorexia?  I've been trying for years to stop eating, making do with one piece of hardtack candy a day, and I've failed miserably.

Since when was anorexia a cold symptom?  Has "anorexia" become a synonym for loss of appetite?
Who put that list together?  I want your name, and I want it now.  I'm lowering your grade.


  1. On the other hand, there is a pretty clear correlation between lack of vaccination and irrationality.

    Have the oil people hit on you yet?

  2. Hmmm that is not my experience either, usually when I am sick I end up eating a ton since I am just sitting on the couch!

  3. Didn't vaccinations go through the same regulatory process and come from the same scientific community that gave us asbestos? Look how well that turned out. As with this lovely anorexia diagram above, I think maybe it's a trust issue. But hey, maybe when I have a cold I should have enforced treatment for anorexia.... with asbestos...