Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Nasty Louise rants about blog ads

These are the ads I see most along side my own blog:  How to remove dark spots.  Grandma's Wrinkle Trick.  Type 2 diabetes info.  Medifast. Wacoal full support bras.

The only really good ad today was Hotel Aalders in Amsterdam.

And Wacoal is a seriously good bra.

 I don't want to see a close-up of liver spots on someone else.  Grandma's Wrinkle Trick takes me to the fake of all fakes, Dr. Oz, who has sold his soul to the devil by selling beauty creams to desperate aging females.  So has Oprah and Jennifer Aniston, who are shown toasting each other, because they have discovered the secret of youth: Dermacai cream.  What bollocks.

It's not just the idea that women must look young forever, it's the notion that any cream, can make your skin tighten up.  Better than a face lift?  Botox? Better than an acid peel?  Laser? 

Cream is just an easy sell to women who can't afford the surgery or injections that actually do work.  I am tired of seeing Oprah's tight face on all these ads.  Liar, liar, pants on fire!

This is the second day of my cold, so I'm obviously turning into Nasty Louise, who I've missed lately.  I've been so pleasant for two months. I see the truth now.  All that blue sky is just a trick!

We're pretty for two minutes, and then we age and rot and die.  Oh death, where is thy stinga-linga-ling? Oh grave, they victory-eeeh!  No stinga-linga-ling, just singa-linga-ling for me!

I feel better now.


  1. Do you paid more if more people comment here? If not, I'll keep commenting anyway. I think we all need Nasty Louise to show up, periodically and say things like "We're pretty for two minutes, and then we age and rot and die."

  2. Replies
    1. Megan, I don't think I get paid for comments. I get paid when you click on an ad. Borrrring.

  3. And Nasty Louise how is that working out as a second job?

  4. Tim Tams
    Violet Crumbles
    This morning I read an email from a friend. (Gmail) In it she mentioned that we can now purchase Tim Tams at a store that has a big red bull's-eye as its sign. Later this afternoon, I opened up FB, and lo & behold, my FB sidebar ad was for Tim Tams at you-know-where. So I am experimenting with your sidebar ads.

    By the way: do you have a choice as to where the ads appear on your blog page? I think you could go into "Advanced" and move those puppies down to the bottom of your sidebar. (I wrote puppies because I would like to see puppies and kittens appear on your sidebar. Scandinavia, too.)