Friday, March 27, 2015

Why does my house smell like dog poo?

Why does my house smell like dog poo?  I've come back from Salt Lake and plunked myself on the sofa and slowly that dog smell seeps up.  I don't have a dog.  Although, my ex-dog, Alice, comes to visit occasionally, and she was here for a week not too far back, but far enough back that all dog smells should be long gone.

I don't like any products that eliminate odor like Febreze or that ghastly pot pourri stuff that clutches your nostrils with a cloying fist.  (Why do all gift shops think that is a good smell)?

I need lemons.  Fresh lemons cut in half.  Or one hyacinth would take care of it. Brownies in the oven is a good smell.  Rosemary and Thyme.

It's in the slipcovers!  The dog is in the slipcovers.  I need to wash the slipcovers.  Immediately.

Writing is so educational.  Look how I've solved this domestic problem by asking a question.  Life is like composition class.

Ask, and you shall receive.  God is within you.  And so on.

On Monday, I will continue with people's happy house pictures.  If you want to get in on it, there's still time.

Have a joyous weekend!


  1. This post maketh me to smile.

  2. Writing exercises solve real-life problems!

  3. The next time I have a domestic problem I will ask myself, "Why do all gift shops think that is a good smell?" I'm sure that will bring the solution to mind.

    I know the essential oil people are often crazy, but you might like having lemon oil around. Essential oils are not perfumy and you can order them online (from companies that are not MLM based in Utah) without anyone knowing or making you have a class.