Monday, March 30, 2015

Your houses, your happiness

 Here are more vignettes from readers' houses:

I am crazy for this red wall of string instruments combined with the paintings from Samaria Ouzounian.

Samara's front hall.  Don't you love that huge jar on the left.  I think there's a body in there.
I stole this from Jacqui Larsens's facebook.  Her husband, Lance, bought this vintage child's chair, but there's no child to sit on it, so they hung it on the wall as art.  Brilliant.

Megan Goates says her IKEA light makes her ridiculously happy.  The four metal chairs stand up to her four boys and autism.
Liz Jaggi has this wonderful spring/Easter decor in her front hall.
Carly Paul said she couldn't afford a huge statement mirror and so clustered several small mirrors to great effect.

Marie Nelson's comfortable corner.  In another life, she owned a consignment shop.  Her zebra is repeated below in Kathy Woolley's living room. (Kathy painted it herself)
Kathy Wooley's new sofa with the caned sides.  Caning is so sexy.  I love this couch.
This is Kathy's beautiful living room with the old sofa.  Kathy was my bff for fifteen years in Minneapolis.  We spent a lot of time looking at furnishings.  Kathy, why don't we meet in the middle one of these days and spend a couple of days together?  Where would that be? Mount Rushmore?


  1. O how I yearn for a new couch but I do not know if I am delicate enough for one with the caned sides I think I would inadvertently put my foot through it!

  2. Those instruments on the wall are the greatest thing ever, but then the books on a chair on the wall? You are blowing my mind. This is perhaps making me break a few commandments about envy but only in the nicest way possible.