Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A post in which I don't say what I intended to say

My maternal grandmother, who we called Opoe, was a beloved and revered woman in our family.  Maybe she was mythologized: she joined the Mormon church and brought her ten children with her, and those ten children had fifty-four children.  And heaven only knows how many children those children had.  Most of them had large families.  I'm the oldest of nine.  A couple of uncles had a dozen each. And according to Mormon belief, we are all sealed to each other for eternity.

Even Opa, my maternal grandfather, who never joined the church, was reeled in by the rest of us after his death.

I have been thinking a lot about Opa since I was in Holland a year ago.  I have been thinking about my father's family as well, none of whom felt it necessary to be Mormon, but they will be reeled in as soon as they die.

Did I just have a seizure?

I was going to tell you an inspirational story about Opoe, but instead I have wallowed into unbaptized waters. 

I think I'll wander off to bed.


  1. "Reeled in by the rest of us after his death."

  2. And "unbaptized waters." Love it.