Sunday, April 26, 2015

Writing Conference rises above awkward photo.

I hope you all recognize that title as a six-word memoir!

Lauren, Jenny, me, Ann, Blue, Sarah and Megan

I wish we had taken a picture of the entire class.  These five are returnees, who are all working on books. Note to self:  never allow anyone to take a full-length photograph of you.

Below is a photo of Tom and me with Pauline Edgley, who we hadn't seen since our Minnesota days. Her daughter, Stacey Fiala, was also in the class.  Stacey babysat for us a couple of times.

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Other six-word memoirs:

Electricity was my father's smokeless bliss.

Daddy hears Bees on the radio.

Mother annoys neighbors by scrubbing sidewalks.

Louise reared in benign Utah orphanage.

Be a witness; write a memoir!


  1. Solstice Writing Retreat isn't long enough.

    Solstice saves Sarah from coughing children.

    Too much sugar, too much sugar.

  2. Laughter, laughter, laughter, a tear and friends

    Too much sugar brings out creativity

  3. solstice retreat was better than bacon

    best weekend i've had in years

    learned a lot; cried happy tears

    obert is robert without the r

    i hope ann's keys are found

  4. Louise and Ann are fairy godmothers.

    Writing is the best, funniest therapy.

    Return to real life is hard.

    Let's do this again soon, people.

  5. Bailie bides her time in Sweden. I like this 6 word memoir thing!

  6. Take me back to Midway, please.