Saturday, April 11, 2015


I awoke this morning in a happy dream.  Tom and I were invited to an academic banquet with students and faculty.  It was in a large Gothic hall, with one long table running through its center.  We celebrated a "find" of live extinct species.  There were bugs I'd never seen before crawling on the floor at one end of the table.  I was not at all repelled but wildly curious about them. 

What I liked best were the fat little birds flying about.  They were the size of finches with heads that looked like they'd been dobbed on with frosting, not at all aerodynamic. They exuded a palpable cheerfulness.

The students were bright and cheerful as well.  I enjoyed mixing and joking.  When we sat down to eat, a man stood and raised his glass and said, "We did it!  We put a man on the moon with art!"

I was delighted.

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  1. It sounds like the dining hall at Hogwarts. Magical.