Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lunch and more Jewels

Here I am in front of Trio's with my niece Jill and her daughters, Ashton and Abbey.  My sister, Toni, Jill's mother, took the picture with her phone.  You remember Toni.  She's the only one in the orphanage where I grew up, who got a Madame Alexander doll.  Bought with green stamps, no doubt.

I don't know if this picture was taken before or after I made them guess my bra size.  No one even came close.

The lovely, blonde Jill, was my student in a creative writing class and missed the last day of class when she was due to read her final story, because she went into labor with Abbey on the far right.
She was an excellent student, and I was sorry to have to give her a B- for that final lapse in attendance.

Abbey will attend BYU next year and Ashton will be a sophomore in high school.  Neither girl can curl her tongue.  So there's that.  Otherwise, they were charming.

I came home and binge watched the rest of  THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN.  I remember now why I've always loved Charles Dance as Guy Perron.  It's the stance he takes in the train station when he turns to look back at Sarah Layton. He's tall and thin and turns fully, with his hands in his pockets, and looks at her one last time.  It still made my aging heart stir a bit.

Thank you, Netflix.

Kisses to Toni and Jill and the young things.  I loved having lunch with you all.


  1. Hey! I was close on the bra size! Thanks for lunching with us! We had a great time. Lets go again soon!

  2. You are lucky Jill forgave you for giving her a B-. She missed your class because she was busy doing the work of her Father in Heaven. Especially in Utah that should be extra credit, not a demerit. If it was me, I would still hold a grudge.
    I haven't yet made it to The Jewel in the Crown. I have it saved in a que, waiting for the day the results of my "higher work from heaven" graduate from college in May, get jobs and finally move out so I can watch my own tv in peace. I am so looking forward to it.

  3. @Heather--She was kidding about the B-. My husband missed a law final that day and was able to make it up. At our university, they are very understanding about babies being born if you promise to get said baby to apply there in 17 years.

  4. Whew! My faith in Louise is instantly restored.
    (side story: During the 18 months my husband and I attended BYU, I had emergency brain surgery. Almost died, blah, blah. My Spanish teacher did not give a crap about my situation. I barely passed his class because I missed too many in class activities due to being Almost Dead. Good thing I wasn't a Spanish major, so I didn't care. I was just trying to dodge evil College Algebra, which I was NEVER going to pass, even with my full brain intact. )

  5. PS. My bra size is ridiculous. I don't know how it happened, but I am pretty sure I am a victim about it.

  6. I think the G in Genes stands for Gorgeous. Your family has some good traits in the "Lookin" department.

    Thank you for sharing your family. I love the togetherness and hilarity. It is much like my own.