Thursday, June 25, 2015

I guess this would be chick lit

I finished Me Before You today by a British writer with the unlikely name, Jojo Moyes. It was a thoroughly satisfying read.  I learned more about quadriplegics than I ever knew and I also had to look up Mauritius yet again.  Best beaches in the world on the Indian Ocean.

It is first and foremost a "heartbreaking" love story.  Does this mean it's like a Nicholas Sparks book?

Anyway, the novel is well written, quirky and smart, but I was annoyed with the reviews at the front of the book which said, I would "weep" with "redemptive tears" and that I would be "crying" when it ended.

Those kinds of predictions have chick lit written all over them.  What man wants to read a book that will make him cry from heartbreak? I hate that labeling.  I don't know why a man wouldn't be as entertained with this novel as I was, but I can't imagine him buying it in a bookstore after those reviews.

It almost turned me off the book myself, except that it was highly recommended by someone I know and trust.  I hate the idea that women are a bunch of sniveling readers always looking for the next good cry.  I don't cry.  Give me a break.

Meanwhile, I'm still listening to Don Quixote, having breakfasts with Erica and eating raspberry chocolate ice cream at night with Thomasius.  I went six months without ice cream.  Why?

Bright and sunny here.


  1. That book felt like a modern day Jane Eyre to me. Except Mr. Rochester is a quadriplegic. I read it in two days and loved it.

    Also, your summer sounds marvelous.

  2. I've read this and One Plus One. I really admire her way of building real, plausible characters you kinda care about. Look forward to more by Ms. Moyes :-)