Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Life Coach

Saturday night we saw Murgatroyd dance at Kingsbury Hall.  She is strong and graceful and you can identify her from the other brunettes with the knotted buns on their heads by her smile.  Her friend, Abby told me this.  "She's the one who smiles," she said from the seat next to me when I couldn't find her.  Yes.

We went to Crown Burger afterwards.  I told Erica I needed a life coach and she was it.  She laughed me off, but I persevered.  "Okay," she said. "You just need to get up and come to breakfast at my house this summer.  Nine o' clock.  This was a rule she had made for Murgatroyd and Maxwell over summer vacation.  They were to be seated at breakfast together each morning at nine.

I am just an old teenager, who needs a reason to get up.  We've done this two days in a row and I have to say it makes my day sparkle.  Erica smiles and chortles, "Good Morning! and we wait five minutes for the two teens to slog their way downstairs.  Even the evervescent Murgatroyd is a bit subdued in the morning.  Maxwell grunts at us.  He's fifteen.

We tell each other what we're doing the rest of the day.  The children are not thrilled that they are digging up part of the garden that morning, but they are tractable.

Tom tells stories of working in the garden as a teenager and how he pitted his mother against his father.

We are out of there by ten.

Tomorrow, we have breakfast at our house.

Summer, 2015, is already magical.  Do I know how to pick life coaches or what?


  1. That does sound magical, I eat breakfast alone most days like a typical housewife which I do enjoy but I savor the days when my husband is home to join me.

  2. Yes. Motivation to get out of bed. Whenever I manage to finally roll out in the mornings, I always congratulate myself on the accomplishment.

  3. Erica has a pretty radiant smile too. You chose well. And the code name Murgatroyd is delectable.

  4. Such a perk of having family nearby!

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  6. I love this! Except when my kids will probably have to drag me out of bed for breakfast. We might have to make it a lunch date instead.

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  8. There is absolutely nothing like spending time with loved ones! Even during the teen years, on summer vacation when they just want to be vegetables, not plant them (pun intended). Later they will look back with fond memories. Also, having a scheduled time to be somewhere and do something, keeps us motivated as retirees and as teenagers. My wife and I work hard to do this.

    Roland @ Paul Casey